We were very pleased to be invited to participate in the Junior League of Halifax's main fundraising event of the year, Homes for the Holidays. Three generous homeowners offered up their beautiful homes to be decorated, and tickets are sold for people to tour the homes. 

Visitors to the homes often ask how to replicate the look they see, so we've got links here to demonstrations and how to's for some of the displays you saw at the home SeeSea Interiors decorated on Edward St in Halifax. 

Our theme: Vintage Glamour

This look harkens back to Old Hollywood glamour of the 1930's. Soft, feminine touches with luxurious fabrics and textures are key elements. Our palette for this holiday style revolves around white, gold and silver. The overall feel is much like a Jean Harlow film: romantic, voluptuous and just a little over the top. The style board below guided our work on this project. 

The Style Board

The Style Board

Our Partners

SeeSea Interiors partnered with many wonderful local businesses to create our look. 

Props Floral: "Creative flair, personalized service, and fabulous flowers. Our inspired designers can’t wait to create something fresh for your next occasion, your business environment, or anytime you just feel like having flowers around."

Gateaux Rose: Specializing in small batch sweets, cakes and cupcakes, and starting this september, you'll find Crystal at the Halifax Seaport market on Sundays! 

Finer Things Antiques and Curios: Beautifully curated antiques and curios, appraisal services also available. 

Oceanview Garden and Home: Nationally recognized landscaping, endless greenhouses and wonderful objects for your home and garden - they have it all! 

NovaScotian Crystal: The only makers of mouth-blown, hand-cut crystal in Canada, and one of the very few in the world. NovaScotian Crystal takes the fine craftsmanship of crystal making and elevates it to the realm of artistry. From the original design to the mouth-blown shape to the hand-cut pattern, every piece is unique and bears the mark of the maker. And when a piece fulfills its purpose in your home, it becomes functional art.

Bishop's Cellar: Tucked away on Halifax’s historic waterfront, Bishop’s Cellar has been providing unique wines to Nova Scotians since 2003. They source wine primarily from small farm wineries, where extra care in growing their grapes and producing top quality wines are the focus.


Faux Flocking: We "flocked" our outdoor wreathes and garland by using white spray paint and stucco spray. Here's a video that shows how you can do this.  

Ribbon Bundles: We used ribbon bundles on the tree, rather than tying on bows or stringing it in garlands. This is a very simple project that can be done quickly and helps cover your tree easily. 

Ornament clusters: Hanging these in the windows is a quick and beautiful way to make a statement. And they are simple! 

Make your own evergreen garland: We were happy to have evergreen garland donated for the outdoors of the home, but were prepared to make our own in a pinch. This tutorial will show you how to make your own. 

The beautiful Christmas mannequin who greeted visitors at the front door of the Edward St home was inspired by this Christmas Angel dress tutorial. 

Click on the image above to flip through a gallery of images from the event.