Gorgeous Glassware

Holiday entertaining and decorating can sometimes feel a bit overwhelming. One way to approach this with a bit of sanity is to simply tackle one thing at a time. If you can't overhaul your whole look, spruce it up in one area. Cocktails and mixed drinks have never been hotter, so why not put a bit of focus on your glassware. Pairing a delicious drink with equally beautiful glasses makes the whole thing more polished. We've got a little something for every drink here. 

The Basics. Most of us will use wineglasses, so start building a foundation collection of beautiful stemware for special occasions. I'm not a fan of colored wine glasses - the hue of your wine is what should be on show. But a cut or etched pattern can enhance this. These crystal Vera Wang Peplum wineglasses will make your wine and your table look extra special. 

The Workhorse. A simple, short glass can be used for a variety of mixed drinks and cocktails. I'd happily pour my Negroni in one of these gilded stemless glasses, or use them for a festive holiday punch. 

The Party Girl.  I'm a huge fan of  Champagne saucers. In fact, I collect vintage champagne saucers and have a fantastic mixed set that I can pull out when we've got something to celebrate.  I even have a few new ones in my set, and I would not hesitate to add this Croft Collection glass from John Lewis to the mix. The delicate platinum rim adds a lovely touch of elegance without taking away from the ribbed glass.

The Beer Buddy. Pilsner has never looked as elegant as when its poured in crystal. If beer is your tipple of choice then there's not reason you can't give it a bit of respect with some beautiful glasses. This playful pattern from Nova Scotia Crystal ensures that the beer drinkers at your table will never again be relegated to a lesser glass.

The Whisky Enthusiast.  Scotch, bourbon and all their buddies have enjoyed a real resurgence in popularity of late. If you and your friends love to sip the water of life, why not push the boat out and get a decanter set for your next gathering? This fantastic Poe decanter set with Old Fashioned glasses is a wonderful conversation piece.