Fabulous Fridges

If now is not the time for you to buy a new fridge but your old one is getting you down, we've got a whole range of DIY ideas for a refrigerator makeover

Paint it! 
You can tackle this yourself with spray paint or even a roller, or go pro and take it to an automotive a painter, as in the image here. This option will get you the best result, but if you want to give it a whirl on your own, here are some basic instructions. 

Tape it!
Colored duct tape, washi tape and masking tape can all be used to quickly and cheaply change the look of your fridge. Go with muted, pastel tones, a glam it up with a bit of gold. See how this one was done here

Stick it! 
Magnet decals are available for just about every fridge shape and size. They come in everything from crazy beach scenes to simple applications of color. See some here

Re-make it! 
This amazing fridge is actually a modern Samsung with a retro look applied to it. Granted this will take a bit of work to achieve, but the final results are worth it. A vintage icebox look, with modern efficiency. Check out this project here