Opulent Autumn

One of the biggest trends this season in home decor is adding a bit of opulence to your look. Of course you could spend a fortune adding richness and a bit of glamour to your spaces, or you could take our tips and have a look at a few beautiful items. Using these as a guide, think about how add small touches of luxury and sumptuous texture to your home without breaking the bank.

Gorgeous golden peonies adorn these beautiful dessert plates. A wonderful addition to any display or table setting. See them here.

Dress up your bar by adding rich touches like these in theNewport decanter and carafe (right) and the Malachite set (left). Or check your local vintage shop for bar ware with a glamorous touch - and don't worry about mixing metals around your room. If you already have chrome or silver, adding gold tones never hurts. 

Small desks are a great way to bring add a bit of a luxurious touch without breaking the bank. This desk could easily double as a bar or cocktail table in the dining room, or an accent table in a hall or living room. Don't feel constricted by what a piece of furniture is called - figure out what it can do for you.

Velvet always gives you a nice touch of lushness, but you don't have to go to the expense of a sofa. Think smaller seating, like dining chairs or an a small accent chair. This dining chair is a wonderful warm color, has great texture and sheen and the gold tone legs finish it off perfectly. They'd look amazing around an older wood table, or even something modern, with glass or lucite. Mix up your textures and materials! decor, decorating, fall, decor