Paint Colors of the Year 2017

Why is choosing color so difficult? It's not like you step in to the paint store only to be confronted by 100 different shades of white... 

Exactly. It's those hundred shades of white that make choosing colors a task that can stall a decorating project before it has even started. It's often helpful to start small, so let's take a look at four colors that four different companies have chosen as their "Color of the Year."

Four great tones around which you could easily base a palette for your project.


Up first is the offering from Benjamin Moore: Storm. It's the boldest of the four and I am going to line up with this by giving you some bold advice for using this color. When faced with a big color that will saturate your walls, people are often told to start small or to make sure they have a lot of light/white accessories to contrast with it and bring light to the room. Sure, you could do that. Or you could embrace the very nature of this shade and just go for it. Create a dramatic dining room by coating your walls with this color and then refusing to lighten the mood. Add deep velvet accent chairs, a charcoal mantel or a dark floor. Life is short, paint it boldly. (But sure, it helps in spaces like this if you have decent natural light that will play off the moody colors.)


Olympic's choice, while much less bold than Benjamin Moore's, is still quite a bit of color if you picture it spread out across your living room walls. For someone like me who prefers more somber tones, this would be a bigger stretch in comfort than a darker shade. Beautiful, light, and calming this is a shade that a lot of people will love to bring sweetness to their palette. It's the perfect shade for a retreat space, like a bathroom. The natural light and bright trim and fixtures keep it from overwhelming the space. 


If you are looking for something lighter than Shadow, but a little less pastel pretty than Cloudberry, Glidden's choice of Byzantine Blue may be just the ticket. This is a classic shade that will work with both an older home and more modern builds. The contrast it will offer to white trim is simply gorgeous. If you want to move away from neutral greys, but aren't ready to go to a brown/beige, try a blue like this. Imagine it in an entry or living room, with white trim and woodwork to accentuate the color


While at first it may seem like a return to the beige of the recent past (please, no), Poised Taupe is not at all a boring beige. Another option if you have had your fill of grey, this shade is neutral and relaxing. A great choice for a room where you want to bring a little peace to your eyes. Try it in your bedroom. A fully neutral palette is never a boring thing if you match it with beautiful textures and shapes. 


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