Get the Look: Scandinavian Christmas

Over the next few weeks I’ll be showing you how to steal some of the most popular decorating looks for Christmas for your own home.

We’ll start with the very popular, and very gorgeous, Scandinavian Christmas style.

It’s a natural but not overly rustic look that can work in a variety of settings.

scandi christmas.JPG

Key elements:

  • Bright colors are definitely welcome, but often reserved as pops of color, rather than a primary color in the scheme.

  • Natural elements - think greenery (not limited to just the tree), wood, wicker and fur (even if they are faux).

  • Unshaped trees - meaning long, spoke-like branches that have not been trimmed to keep a tidy look.


  • Use a cozy throw or sheepskin instead of a traditional tree skirt.

  • Forego this entirely and hide your tree stand in and over-sized basket

  • While sticking to the theme of decorating using a lot of natural elements, keep the clean, minimal lines of Scandinavian design in mind, rather than the rough, unfinished edges of more rustic Christmas decor.

  • Find an inspiration image like the one above, and use it to guide your planning.

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