Get the Look: Rustic Christmas

Next up on our list of Christmas decorating styles is one that hearkens back to childhood. The rustic look is one that many of us are instantly comfortable with as it seems familiar and cozy all at once.

You can use a variety of color schemes within this decorating style, but in this example a traditional red and green is used, with accompanying natural elements such as wood and greenery.

rustic christmas.JPG

To bring this look into your home, here are some tips:

  • Use traditional patterns such as plaids, tartans, and stripes.

  • Mix in seasonal prints with motifs like reindeer, Santas, and vintage items, and stick with basic fonts for any printed items.

  • If you’re going for sparkle, keep it restrained. Incorporate this gently through decor items such as candle holders or tree ornaments.

  • Keep your textures cozy by using wool and other natural fibers.

If you are feeling cautious about how many patterns and prints you can throw together in one space, remember that if you have chosen a color palette for the space, and you stick to it, you can throw in as many patterns and prints within that range as you like.

Now go decorate your Chritmas home like a pro!

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