Get the Look: White Christmas

The third installment in my series on Christmas decorating brings you the dreamy - yet very adaptable - White Christmas look.

This is a beautiful, soft look for your Christmas decor, whether you choose to take it up a notch to glamorous, a keep the feel very cozy and sweet.

white christmas.JPG


  • Flocking - the dusting of white that adorns many Christmas trees is a beautiful way to ground this look around your home. You can buy artificial trees and garland with this, or you can do it yourself to artificial or real greenery. DIY tutorials for flocking your garland and trees with some spray paint and artificial snow so abound.

  • You don’t have to go all-white for this look to work. Soft pale tones can be added to the white (think pink, pale grays and blues) and you can even venture into warm metals.

  • If your furniture isn’t white, use white aor pale throws and cushions to create the look.

  • Use texture to your advantage. Think of faux furs, chunky, cozy knits and natural fibers in white-pale tones to bring a bit of seasonal warmth to the space.

  • Try something different on your tree. Lengths of white feather boas can replace garland for a snowy look.

  • To glam this look up, focus on metals. Silver and gold ornaments, anything with a bit of sparkle.

  • For a cozier White Christmas, use less sparkle and glitz and more of the textures and natural fibers.

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