Going Green


Spring brings thoughts of greenery, indoors and out. While nature often takes care of a beautiful outdoor show, indoors, plants and greenery are one area we often neglect. We leave the plant in the container we bought it in, we set them in a corner by themselves, we stop thinking of them as an integral part of your home's feel and look.

But there are as many options for styling your plants as there are types of plants. So here's a few tips on how to use them to their best advantage. 

1. Think of the container they are in. Does it match the style of the room or home? Is it old, faded and plastic? Scout around at home and garden stores for something that matches your style and fits your plant. 

2. Choose plants that match your lifestyle. If you have a green thumb and some enthusiasm, go for something a bit more challenging. But for most of us, low-maintenance is the road to happiness with plants, so embrace that. Try snake plants, jades, or other succulents. Go to a garden center and ask about low maintenance plants. 

3. Groupings! Don't just set a plant in a pot and leave it there, all on its lonesome. Try groupings in odd numbers, and vary the look by size and type of plant. 

4. Think big. If you have or want a few really big plants, think about how you could feature these. A large planter on a stand may be a bit of an investment, but it should last for years, and creates a wonderful statement piece in a room. 

If you are thinking of giving your home a spring refresh, we've got decorating packages to fit everyone's style and budget. From custom interiors, to DIY packages where you get a bit of help from me, to our new DIY Decorating Guides that put the project in your hands. 

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