Travel Inspires


I'm just back from two and half weeks driving around Normandy, Brittany, and the Loire Valley.  A great way for Steve and I to recharge and reconnect, not to mention the glorious food and wine ;) 

But you don't have to travel to France to get inspired. It's all around us, wherever we go. Small objects, color combinations, and idea about how things can look - we just have to pay attention. 

This trip, I was all about the details. Door knockers, porcelain ware, art in unexpected places, beautiful botanical displays, and antique markets gave me so many new ideas and plans. I've added some of my favorite images and moments from the trip here, and I encourage you to head out - into your own neighborhood or around the world - and see what inspires you! 

insta 3.JPG
insta 4.JPG


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