Decorating Your Beautiful Outdoors


A few weeks back we talked about not neglecting the greenery inside your home, and ensuring that what your plants go in is as considered as any other element in your home. 

This week we're looking outside to your yard, deck, patio or balcony. No matter the size, style, or type of space, it can always benefit from a bit of seasonal greenery, and you want it to look its best. 

Tips for your outdoor planters:

Think Color: If you have a color scheme for your outdoor space, use planters that either work with this, or are neutral. Concrete, clay and wood (or the plastic or composite replicas of these) will sit in the background, as well as white and grey painted boxes and planters.

Think Height: When decorating with outdoor plants, don't keep everything on one level. Vary the height of your planters and the plants in them for visual interest. Try hanging planters, rail boxes and planters of different sizes and heights. 

Think Groupings: Just like indoor plants, small clusters or groupings of plants can have a great effect and give your outdoor space the look of a beautiful garden. Vary the type of plants (and, as above, the height and size of the containers) as well as their colors for best effect. 

And don't forget, if you have ceramic or clay pots, and you live in an area with a harsh freeze-thaw cycle (like I do!) at the end of the seasons, it's best to bring those pots indoors or to a sheltered space, to avoid them splitting open as their contents freeze. 

Planters shown here:

Standing rack  Terracotta Hex w/ blue  Planter Head     Bicycle   Blue and white box    Concrete bowls     Purple Box

Happy Decorating, indoors and out! 


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