Mixing Your Metallics

mix metallics.JPG

People often stick to one metal, rather than mixing metals in home decor. If you are truly a fan of chrome and that's what you love, then why not? 
But mixing metals is a great  way to add a bit of visual interest to your room. It's an old interior decorating myth to think that you can't put warm and cold metal tones in one room. 

There are many simple ways to add in a new metal into a room that is all one tings. Add a light fixture in a contrasting metal. Use small items such as trays, wall clocks, planter, candle holders or wall art. If you think it still feels a bit out of sorts, try adding one piece that has both contrasting metal tones in it. This will tie everything together. 

If you let yourself enjoy all that metallic have to offer, you have a lot more options for your interior decorating projects. And any metal always adds a touch of luxury to your space. 

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