Black and Brass - Get the Look

I'm really loving  black and brass these days. Why? I've been watching a lot of movies from the 70's and early 80's and marvelling at how fashions, or particular eras of fashion, at which I once turned up my nose, are now bountiful sources of inspiration. Ah the circle of life.  I recently (re)watched Body Heat, an early 80's classic starring Kathleen Turner and William Hurt.  May I just say, Ms. Turner is exquisite in this. The clothes, the hair, the smouldering looks. But then I saw the bathroom.

Gorgoeus black and brass bathroom from Body Heat.
Gorgoeus black and brass bathroom from Body Heat.

Whoa nelly. Adultery and murder took a backseat to this incredibly delicious black and brass bathroom. And when I see something I love this much, I immediately think of all the ways it could be brought in to various spaces. I made an inspiration board to show a variety of ways you can bring this classic and glamorous look in to your own home.

Black and Brass - get this look for your home
Black and Brass - get this look for your home

From the kitchen, to the bathroom and beyond. It's a very lush and grown up look, and we've got the sources for everything below. Don't worry about mixing brass and gold tones, or polished and matte. If this look inspires you, but you're not sure where to start, you can always contact us for a free in-person or online consultation. There's no obligation, and we can help kickstart any project you're considering.

  1. Annabelle Black With Brass Chair
  2. ReStart Brass Kitchen Sink
  3. Gold Rochelle Backless Stool
  4. Mercer Brass Bathtub
  5. Portsmouth Pedestal Sink
  6. Nanz Brass Door Knob
  7. Kohler Purist Brushed Gold Faucet
  8. Dorothy Draper Mirror
  9. Grossman Grasshoppa Table Lamp
  10. Alloy Swiss Cross Tiles
  11. Smeg  Coloniale Aesthetic Fridge in Anthracite
  12. Host Cheese Knives in Gold