Going Gold

One of the hottest trends this year continues to be warm metallics. While copper was big last year, we've now turned to the more classic look of gold and brass. This is good news, as a classic look tends to hold better over time than trends that burn hot for a short period. Metals are also a great way to add sophistication, or even glamor, to your rooms. From lamps to planters and accessories, we've got some simple ways that you can incorporate this look in to your decor without breaking the bank or having to re-do an entire space.

Going gold - warm metals like gold and brass are hot right now. We'll show you how to bring them in to your living room, dining room or bedroom without having to change a whole space.


Lighting is one of the most over looked areas when people are decorating, both in terms of budget and style. Taking a bit of time to find a few fixtures with real distinction can make a huge difference in the look of your space. Here we've got two examples that show a wonderful warm metal tone in two contrasting styles.I'd be happy to put both of these in the same space. Don't be overly worried that everything you have is from a matched set, or even represents the same style.  If you have decided on an overall look for your space that is a bit eclectic or mixed, lighting is a great way to show a bit of contrast.

Gold and white pendant lights


Gold table lamp



Quick and easy, dropping in a few gold or brass accessories around your room is a fast way to bring in some metals. Everything from trays, to candle holders, book ends, vases and small statues can help define the look of your space. And pineapples, you say? There a classic and I kind of love them.


gold candle


gold traysource

gold pineapple


Tables and Stands

Changing a major piece like a coffee table is a great way to bring new life into a space. But smaller pieces like plant stands are also an option if you don't want to commit to something big. I recently found some glass and brass nesting tables at a vintage shop and immediately threw them in my living room for a bit of shine and style. Quick, easy and I can move them around for different looks.

Brass and glass coffee table


gold and mirror panters



Everyone knows that mirrors are a great way to add a bit of light to your space, but they are also fantastic decor elements if chosen well. If your taste runs to the simple, go for a plain rectangle with a gilt frame. But if you are looking for a bit of a statement on your wall, think of something like the pentagonal mirror here. It serves the multi-purpose of adding light and creating a pointo f interest in the room.

gold pentagon mirror


Gold mirror


Vintage furniture: Nesting tables

Just a few quick snaps from a happy vintage furniture find I made at a thrift shop while out this weekend. A lovely set of three brass and glass nesting tables. Beautiful vintage furniture find - brass and glass nesting tables found at a thrift shop.

Beautiful vintage furniture find - brass and glass nesting tables found at a thrift shop.

These are the sort of  finds I always hope for when I walk through the door into that next antique, vintage or thrift shop. Fun, unique and easy on the pocket, they make a great addition to a variety of styles. What's your  favourite thrifting find?

DIY : Refinishing a Sideboard

Sideboards are one of those pieces of furniture that can play a role in a variety of spaces. Taking up their traditional job in a dining room, they offer storage space, room for your decanter and a few classes, a focal point for the room with a mirror over it, and more. I've used them in my living room as a small liquor cabinet and display space. They're a great way to replace those smoked glass TV stand abominations that just need dusting every day.  Local classified are full of old sideboards, but often people are stopped by the idea of having to refinish a piece to get it back to its glory. Fear not, the fine folks at Pretty Handy Girl are here to show you how to DIY this. And yes, the job is canine-approved.





You'll need a hand sander to help you with the job, and a few other supplies, They have the full list and DIY instructions over at Pretty Handy Girl, so check it out, and yes you can do this!

DIY: an acrylic and metal side table

I absolutely love this DIY project. A boring TV tray is repurposed into a chic and light side table.  It's a super project for people without the budget for a $200 side table but who want the fresh, light look that lucite furniture offers. The metal corners give it the perfect finishing touch. A great DIY project to transform a TV tray into a chic, acrylic and metal side table. Get the look of lucite furniture for less!

A great DIY project to transform a TV tray into a chic, acrylic and metal side table. Get the look of lucite furniture for less!

Super, yes? I would rate this an an Easy DIY project. You'll need some supplies but no power tools or specialized knowledge. My top tip? When spray painting the tray legs, remember that a few layered, thin coats will give a far superior result to one, impatiently applied thick coat. Spray outdoors, and use wide, broad strokes to create your thin coats -  and wait util dry to apply the next. With that, you'll have a pro finish. Get the step by step instructions for this at In My Own Style - there's plenty of other great projects and DIY tips there as well.

Prettypegs Furniture Legs

A common issue that we run in to with reclaimed furniture or vintage pieces is missing or damaged furniture legs. Additionally, some pieces could benefit from a bit of a freshen up and switching out the legs is a great way to subtly change the look of a piece. For many mid-century  finds, or any piece with a fairly simple form, Prettypegs has just the legs for you. They have a wide range of simple, Scandi style furniture legs, in an amazing range of colors and patterns. You can even buy them bare and stain them to your liking.


Prettypeg makes replacement legs for modern furniture in beautiful scandi styles. Use them for your DIY furniture projects and to refresh your vintage pieces.

Prettypeg makes replacement legs for modern furniture in beautiful scandi styles. Use them for your DIY furniture projects and to refresh your vintage pieces.

Prettypeg makes replacement legs for modern furniture in beautiful scandi styles. Use them for your DIY furniture projects and to refresh your vintage pieces.

Check out the full range at Prettypegs.


DIY: A Herringbone Headboard

A headboard is not an essential for your bed - some folks prefer the simple look without a headboard. However,they can be a simple way to add a bit of polish, or even some oomph, to your room's decor. If your current bed doesn't have a headboard, and you fancy doing something a bit unique, check out this DIY headboard from IHeart Organizing. DIY_Herringbone_Headboard_header



This is a great, clean looking headboard that gives you visual interest through the pattern, and allows you to choose the finish. Get creative and use different shades of stain or paint to draw out the pattern. A very versatile project. You need mid-range DIY skills to take on this project, and access to some tool and equipment. But if you are handy, or feel like it's time to learn a bit, check out their step by step instructions. 

Modern Rocking Chairs

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]I love to sit in a rocking chair and knit. Not that I knit particularly well, but it's the journey, not the poorly-constructed-sweater-that's-missing-an-arm destination, right?  I love rocking chairs of all kinds, but I do find it a struggle to find one that works with my decor. Old fashioned rockers are beautiful, but can stick out like a sore thumb in the wrong space. Luckily, rocking chairs come in a wide variety of modern forms, one of which is bound to suit a more modern space.


The classic Eames Rocker. 


The very modern Piacentro chair.


The Roxy Rocker.


A rocking chair and cradle in one. 

Screen Shot 2015-09-15 at 10.29.41 AM

A sleek, armless design by GUS* Modern


Teak rocking chair by H. Brockman Petersen.


Dare Studios Furniture and Lighting

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]These beautiful pieces of furniture and lighting are produced in the UK by Dare Studios.  Everything is handmade, often to order. darestudio2

croppedimage500500-maya8croppedimage500500-Rio2The attention to detail and craftsmanship are obvious. Visit their studio to see the full range of work.


DIY - Gold Hexagon Table

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]This beautiful gold hexagon table is right on trend and would look gorgeous in so many different settings, from a bohemian living room to a white, modern bedroom.  And the best part is that you can make this yourself. diy-hexagon-end-table-800-W


I would rate this as DIY-Medium. You're going to need some power tools and the knowledge of how to use them. But what is life if not an opportunity to learn something new every day? And once you have those skills, think of the things you could do!  Get the free plans - and step-by-step instructions and pictures - at Pneumatic Addict.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

Knock Off vs the Real Thing

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]In the world of licensed design, knock offs are everywhere. From fake Eggs to Eames chairs, is the real thing worth is? Kirstin at the Hunted Interior has one of both in the form of a fake Ghost Chair, and the real thing. Chost chair 1

GhostCHair-Vanity_zps10a09f58The real thing is the picture on the bottom.

So is the massive price difference worth it? Kirstin evaluated the two chairs and offers her thoughts on this over here.