I Want: Porthole Bar

I'll admit to liking this porthole bar, but I if I brought it home, I think my ex-sailor husband might actually faint and then possibly even cook a meal for me in celebration of such a find. And he'd be justified in that reaction. Repurposed items, or those designed to appear repurposed, run a fine line between clever and "Dear God, enough with the wooden palettes already," and this one is definitely on the far side of clever and stylish. A stylish porthole bar cart


A stylish porthole bar cart A stylish porthole bar cart


Love it. Available at RH Modern. 

Going Gold

One of the hottest trends this year continues to be warm metallics. While copper was big last year, we've now turned to the more classic look of gold and brass. This is good news, as a classic look tends to hold better over time than trends that burn hot for a short period. Metals are also a great way to add sophistication, or even glamor, to your rooms. From lamps to planters and accessories, we've got some simple ways that you can incorporate this look in to your decor without breaking the bank or having to re-do an entire space.

Going gold - warm metals like gold and brass are hot right now. We'll show you how to bring them in to your living room, dining room or bedroom without having to change a whole space.


Lighting is one of the most over looked areas when people are decorating, both in terms of budget and style. Taking a bit of time to find a few fixtures with real distinction can make a huge difference in the look of your space. Here we've got two examples that show a wonderful warm metal tone in two contrasting styles.I'd be happy to put both of these in the same space. Don't be overly worried that everything you have is from a matched set, or even represents the same style.  If you have decided on an overall look for your space that is a bit eclectic or mixed, lighting is a great way to show a bit of contrast.

Gold and white pendant lights


Gold table lamp



Quick and easy, dropping in a few gold or brass accessories around your room is a fast way to bring in some metals. Everything from trays, to candle holders, book ends, vases and small statues can help define the look of your space. And pineapples, you say? There a classic and I kind of love them.


gold candle


gold traysource

gold pineapple


Tables and Stands

Changing a major piece like a coffee table is a great way to bring new life into a space. But smaller pieces like plant stands are also an option if you don't want to commit to something big. I recently found some glass and brass nesting tables at a vintage shop and immediately threw them in my living room for a bit of shine and style. Quick, easy and I can move them around for different looks.

Brass and glass coffee table


gold and mirror panters



Everyone knows that mirrors are a great way to add a bit of light to your space, but they are also fantastic decor elements if chosen well. If your taste runs to the simple, go for a plain rectangle with a gilt frame. But if you are looking for a bit of a statement on your wall, think of something like the pentagonal mirror here. It serves the multi-purpose of adding light and creating a pointo f interest in the room.

gold pentagon mirror


Gold mirror


The Orange Vessel Company Beer Growlers

If you love your micro-brew then you'll probably love the Orange Vessel Co.'s stoneware growlers. Designed to keep out light, be held more ergonomically, and seal your beer up better, these gorgeous stoneware jugs are just the thing for the beer lover in your life - especially if that's you! Orange+Vessel-OrangeLarge

It's clear why it's called the Orange Vessel company, but to be fair, they also make them in other colors.


I'm in love, and I know a certain fellow who is probably hoping Santa will bring him one of these (and maybe some beer to go in it) this year. Check them out here.

Decor: Friendsgiving

Friendsgiving is the Thanksgiving dinner that we hold each year for friends.  Up North here,  Thanksgiving was in early October (we have an earlier harvest than the US) and that meal was for family.  Friendsgiving dinner lets us celebrate the harvest season after all the hubbub of the traditional holiday has died down.  And,  of course,  it means setting another table. 20151017_153233 20151017_153257

I always feel the urge to go bigger and do more for the centrepiece,  and then I remember how each year we struggle to fit all the food on the table,  and I calm down and simplify.

Some small white pumpkins, beautiful cut glass candlesticks and some chestnuts - and as you can see,  the foliage in these parts is still not playing along with the idea of fall.  You work with what you have.  Happy Friendsgiving!

Design: Alessi's Tea Pot Whistle

Alessi is an Italian design house who have been producing beautiful objects for your home since the 1920's. They are known for taking their time to create relationships with designers, which in turn results in wonderful products. For their Fall/Winter 2015 line, they turned their eye to one of the most coveted objects they make - if you judge that by the object most often pinched by others and thus need replacing: the whistle for their iconic kettles.  The results are stunning. Alessi-FW15-2a-Graves-Tea-Rex-600x737


There are a series of these in different colors, as well as a whole range of beautiful stovetop espresso makers, teapot, dishes, tableware and more. Have a look here.

Decor: Woven Rugs

With many people preferring wood or tile floors over carpeting, area rugs play an even bigger decor role in adding color, warmth and texture to a space. There's a huge variety to choose from when you are decorating, so today we've got a few woven rugs for you to peruse.  All of the rugs in this round up are featured on Etsy, which sells vintage and handmade items. These are mostly smaller rugs, great for defining a smaller space in a large room, layering on another larger rug, or even featuring as a wall hanging.

  il_fullxfull.732176024_4avnA vintage wall hanging rug.  Gorgeous colors in this old rug. Hang it as a feature or drape it over a rail or a sofa.


A handmade felt ball rug.  Super for adding a real textural element to a space. Use them in the living room or bedrooms to add warmth and visual interest.

il_fullxfull.802751808_mcmzA handmade black and white cotton rug.  I love these for the bathroom or a bright, small space like a reading nook.


A vintage birds and tree rug. This one could hang on a wall or easily be used on the floor.


A handmade braided t-shirt rug.  Great in a kitchen or entryway.


Some people believe that every room needs a splash of red. This vintage saddle blanket adds just that, with a small pop of red.

The small size makes this a versatile piece for layering, hanging, or even using table top  if you are feeling adventurous.

Setting an Autumn Table

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Now that there is a chill in the air (and my feet have turned into icy claws until next May - it's a genetic thing, but that doesn't make Steve any happier about being next to them in bed every night) our thoughts turn to autumnal decor.  Your fall table doesn't have to be an overwrought display of decorative gourds and glitter. It can be as understated as this table setting, with copper flatware (nice!) and the simplest of accents. IMG_1759-1075x605


Pinterest can sometimes convince us that if it's not elaborate, it's not worth it, but sometimes keeping things plain and simple leave the focus on good food and good company.

And a warm pair of slippers.  See more at Hello Mrs. Eve.


I Want.


And I know Steve will want this too when he sees it.  That is, until he sees the suggestion that the small copper weight might be for chilling the whiskey. Then I'll likely just hear grumbling noises for the next hour or so. I'll have to put it on the Christmas list. See more at The Fox is Black.