I Recommend: Spitalfields Life

Do yourself a favour today and take a visit over to Spitalfields Life, a wonderful blog that deatils life, art and beauty in the east end of London. Here we have a stunning old home whose walls and spaces are now lined with a collection of original French nineteenth century designs for satins and silk velours, created at the Lyons factory of Antoine Donat between 1840 and 1865. L2082733


Just stunning. View more of these and then lose yourself for a while in the beautiful stories there.

The Orange Vessel Company Beer Growlers

If you love your micro-brew then you'll probably love the Orange Vessel Co.'s stoneware growlers. Designed to keep out light, be held more ergonomically, and seal your beer up better, these gorgeous stoneware jugs are just the thing for the beer lover in your life - especially if that's you! Orange+Vessel-OrangeLarge

It's clear why it's called the Orange Vessel company, but to be fair, they also make them in other colors.


I'm in love, and I know a certain fellow who is probably hoping Santa will bring him one of these (and maybe some beer to go in it) this year. Check them out here.

I Want: O'Keefe and Merritt Vintage Stoves

I love to cook and I have a lot of kitchen-crushes on different ranges and ovens from Aga to La Canche. And then this popped up in my Facebook feed...A stunning O'Keefe and Merritt restored antique gas range with multiple ovens. What a great stove. The white and chrome finish are amazing.

It feels like I passed "want" back at a gas station about 7 miles back, and have hurtled straight to need. NEED. Dear me. My brain is having trouble processing how wonderful this is.

It's a restored O'Keefe and Merritt stove. They were American made and no longer in production but there are some companies that keep them going, like Antique Gas Stoves. What a dream, yes?


I Want.


And I know Steve will want this too when he sees it.  That is, until he sees the suggestion that the small copper weight might be for chilling the whiskey. Then I'll likely just hear grumbling noises for the next hour or so. I'll have to put it on the Christmas list. See more at The Fox is Black.