Decor: Woven Rugs

With many people preferring wood or tile floors over carpeting, area rugs play an even bigger decor role in adding color, warmth and texture to a space. There's a huge variety to choose from when you are decorating, so today we've got a few woven rugs for you to peruse.  All of the rugs in this round up are featured on Etsy, which sells vintage and handmade items. These are mostly smaller rugs, great for defining a smaller space in a large room, layering on another larger rug, or even featuring as a wall hanging.

  il_fullxfull.732176024_4avnA vintage wall hanging rug.  Gorgeous colors in this old rug. Hang it as a feature or drape it over a rail or a sofa.


A handmade felt ball rug.  Super for adding a real textural element to a space. Use them in the living room or bedrooms to add warmth and visual interest.

il_fullxfull.802751808_mcmzA handmade black and white cotton rug.  I love these for the bathroom or a bright, small space like a reading nook.


A vintage birds and tree rug. This one could hang on a wall or easily be used on the floor.


A handmade braided t-shirt rug.  Great in a kitchen or entryway.


Some people believe that every room needs a splash of red. This vintage saddle blanket adds just that, with a small pop of red.

The small size makes this a versatile piece for layering, hanging, or even using table top  if you are feeling adventurous.

Gather Ye Throw Pillows

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Throw pillows can be more divisive a topic than you might imagine. Personally, I'm drowning in the little buggers, and have them stashed all over the place. My sister, on the other hand, will cut you if you try to bring one in her bedroom. Seriously. She's threatened me. If you fall in the camp that believes throw pillows are a great way to add a splash of color and style to your space, while also offering the possibility of a little nap over there on the sofa, then the next step is to get comfortable with the idea of and eclectic band of pillows.  The world isn't perfect and matchy-matchy, and neither neither do our cushions need to be so.

decorating with throw pillows

decorating with throw pillows


But there is a skill to picking out things that work in an eclectic mix. Over at Plaster and Disaster they have some tips for diving in to the heady world of throw pillows. Give it a try. I'll see you at my weekly Throw Pillows Anonymous meeting.