Decorating tips from Paolo Moschino

The English country house of Paolo Moschino is a case study in decorating that looks effortless and yet is incredibly impressive at the same time. Of course, he has the time, funds and talent to pull of such a beautiful (and personal) project, but there is a lot we can learn form this to apply to our own projects. He offers a lot of useful decorating tips, but I think one of the best pieces of advice he gives is this:  "Don't let rooms look overtly decorated. The key is to relax; you need books, you need magazines, you even need dust!"

This is a comment close to my heart. You don't live in a hotel, so why should your home look like one? It should reflect you and the things and people you love. Fantastic decorating tips from a master: Paolo Moschino

Throughout this house we see light, neutral walls and colors that allow prominent pieces jump out. The first thing you notice in this space is the urns, but then your eye moves around and takes in the beautiful hutch, the barrel, the dining set. None of these pieces looks like it arrived fresh from Crate & Barrel. There's a lot to be said for decorating with older pieces that you love.

Fantastic decorating tips from a master: Paolo Moschino

A collection of Catholic statuary may not be your thing, but whatever your thing is, considering bringing your collection together and showing it off. Creating small, focal displays of things that interest you is a great way to bring your personality into a space.

Fantastic decorating tips from a master: Paolo Moschino

Again we see light walls being used to allow the coloured objects in the room really stand out, particularly the art, which is also framed and matted in white for effect. The floor and larger pieces of furniture are also quite neutral, letting the smaller pieces like the lamp, stools and flowers grab your attention.

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