Inspiration: Decorating with Pastels

Using pastels in interior decorating need not be over-the-top girly. It can create spaces that are warm, inviting and calm. Here's an inspiration board that shows you how to incorporate some beautiful, soft pastel tones into your living room decor. The soft pink and blue palette is complemented by the textures of natural fibres and knit decor. Lush! Screen Shot 2015-09-25 at 2.08.13 PM

Our top tips for using pastels to create this effect:

  • Consider natural wood tones in your furnishings.
  • If you use metals, keep them in warm tones, like brass or copper.
  • Choose only a few main colors in your palette and then use tones of these throughout the room.
  • Use natural, soft textiles around the room - drapes, poufs, rugs, throws and cushions.
  • Go with a neutral on your big items, like sofas, and on the walls. This keeps the pastels form overwhelming the space.