Painting a Fireplace

We're back to work on a project for new homeowners who are revamping most of the main floor. The decision was made to leave the old fireplace intact, with an eye to adding an insert down the road. But that still leaves us with a fairly tired brick face. The house painter will be arriving soon, so we decided to paint the fireplace in advance of that, so he can cut in clean lines around it. Here's the old face:

Screen Shot 2015-10-29 at 4.40.14 PM


Stained and sooty, the fireplace was first given a thorough cleaning, and wiped down with a degreaser. We opted to leave the firebox alone, as an insert is planned, and a beautiful, vintage brass grate was found to cover the opening.

And our current state:

CP Fireplace progress

The primer is on, and the next step is the paint. The room will be a pale, neutral grey, so we opted for a dark charcoal on the fireplace, hearth and mantel. the uniform color will completely change the look of the whole fireplace and surroundings, and will give it a quiet sophistication that we are going to take advantage of.

Mixed metals and a masculine but warm aesthetic will rule in this space. New wall sconces,  brass accents and some beautiful furnishings are coming up in the next few weeks as we complete this room and the adjoining dining room. Stay tuned for updates!