DIY Bookshelf with Mid-Century style

Mid-century items are getting harder and harder to find at bargain prices as their popularity increases. That's one reason I love this DIY  bookshelf project so much. You can create the Mid-century look without breaking the bank, and you get a little satisfaction from doing it yourself. A few garage sale book shelves are the starting point for this, and all that was required was some glue, a drill, a bit of paint and a set of legs. A great DIY project - make your own mid-century bookshelf.

A quick and easy project that will give you a little more storage space.

A great DIY project - make your own mid-century bookshelf.

Two old shelves are glued and screwed together to create a new unit.

A great DIY bookshelf project - make your own mid-century bookshelf.

The mid-century legs can be bought used, but you can also find lots of new legs like these online or even at your local hardware store.  This is a great project with easy to follow instructions, Check it out at Maggie Overby Studios. 

DIY: Holiday Tables

Tomorrow our American readers will be celebrating Thanksgiving, and then we are into the festive season full speed ahead. As always, my urge is to decorate ALL THE THINGS! But sometimes, a more measured approach can be equally stunning. For holiday tabletop decor ideas that rely on a natural look , decor8blog has you covered. Beautiful and simple holiday tabletop decor.

Keeping the decor simple allows you to focus on the items you do feature - and keeps plenty of space for all the food!

Beautiful and simple holiday tabletop decor.

The white linens and dishes let natural elements and greenery stand out.

Beautiful and simple holiday tabletop decor.

The essence of less is more on your table this year. For full deatils, go here.

DIY: Mirrored Closet Doors

Mirrored closet doors are typically a feature that makes you wince a bit when you are viewing a home. But it's a double edged sword - the mirrors can bring light and the feeling of space to a room, but they can also be pretty awful to look at. You have two options if you want a change. the first is to replace the doors entirely, which solves the issue of ugly closet doors, but takes away the other qualities we mentioned, which can be a benefit especially in a smaller space that lacks a lot of natural light.

So we look at option two: DIY decorative overlays that change the look of the door. They might now sound capable of really changing the look of the doors, but after viewing this project, I'd beg to differ.




The overlays can be purchased online and attached fairly simply. We'd rate this DIY - easy. Outside of adhesive, you'll need little equipment or skills to get this look. Check out how it's done over at The Honeycomb Home. 

Painting a Fireplace

We're back to work on a project for new homeowners who are revamping most of the main floor. The decision was made to leave the old fireplace intact, with an eye to adding an insert down the road. But that still leaves us with a fairly tired brick face. The house painter will be arriving soon, so we decided to paint the fireplace in advance of that, so he can cut in clean lines around it. Here's the old face:

Screen Shot 2015-10-29 at 4.40.14 PM


Stained and sooty, the fireplace was first given a thorough cleaning, and wiped down with a degreaser. We opted to leave the firebox alone, as an insert is planned, and a beautiful, vintage brass grate was found to cover the opening.

And our current state:

CP Fireplace progress

The primer is on, and the next step is the paint. The room will be a pale, neutral grey, so we opted for a dark charcoal on the fireplace, hearth and mantel. the uniform color will completely change the look of the whole fireplace and surroundings, and will give it a quiet sophistication that we are going to take advantage of.

Mixed metals and a masculine but warm aesthetic will rule in this space. New wall sconces,  brass accents and some beautiful furnishings are coming up in the next few weeks as we complete this room and the adjoining dining room. Stay tuned for updates!

DIY : Refinishing a Sideboard

Sideboards are one of those pieces of furniture that can play a role in a variety of spaces. Taking up their traditional job in a dining room, they offer storage space, room for your decanter and a few classes, a focal point for the room with a mirror over it, and more. I've used them in my living room as a small liquor cabinet and display space. They're a great way to replace those smoked glass TV stand abominations that just need dusting every day.  Local classified are full of old sideboards, but often people are stopped by the idea of having to refinish a piece to get it back to its glory. Fear not, the fine folks at Pretty Handy Girl are here to show you how to DIY this. And yes, the job is canine-approved.





You'll need a hand sander to help you with the job, and a few other supplies, They have the full list and DIY instructions over at Pretty Handy Girl, so check it out, and yes you can do this!

DIY: A Herringbone Headboard

A headboard is not an essential for your bed - some folks prefer the simple look without a headboard. However,they can be a simple way to add a bit of polish, or even some oomph, to your room's decor. If your current bed doesn't have a headboard, and you fancy doing something a bit unique, check out this DIY headboard from IHeart Organizing. DIY_Herringbone_Headboard_header



This is a great, clean looking headboard that gives you visual interest through the pattern, and allows you to choose the finish. Get creative and use different shades of stain or paint to draw out the pattern. A very versatile project. You need mid-range DIY skills to take on this project, and access to some tool and equipment. But if you are handy, or feel like it's time to learn a bit, check out their step by step instructions. 

DIY: Gilded Vases

One quick way to dress up your decor, and to make it look a bit more grown up at the same time, is to add metallic touches. Whether you're going for mixed metals or sticking simply with warm metals, these DIY gilded vases will give your room a beautiful and unique touch. gold-gilded-vases-by-le-zoe-musings4 (1)

It's a simple process, and one that you could adjust easily to a different metallic, over even an opaque color. Check it out over at Le Zoe Musings. 

DIY Lace Wall

I will admit that I am not a big fan of stencils for decorating. Let's just say that the time I spent working in an art supplies store, coupled with the tole painting craze of the late eighties, took its toll on my sanity. This lace stencil project, however, is enough to change my mind. It's not only beautiful, but it comes with an instructional video for those of us who assume we'd never be precise enough to get this right. Stenciled-Room-4-898x650



See how it's done here.

DIY - Gold Hexagon Table

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]This beautiful gold hexagon table is right on trend and would look gorgeous in so many different settings, from a bohemian living room to a white, modern bedroom.  And the best part is that you can make this yourself. diy-hexagon-end-table-800-W


I would rate this as DIY-Medium. You're going to need some power tools and the knowledge of how to use them. But what is life if not an opportunity to learn something new every day? And once you have those skills, think of the things you could do!  Get the free plans - and step-by-step instructions and pictures - at Pneumatic Addict.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]