Fall Colors from Pantone and FTD

Fall Colors from Pantone and FTD

I recently featured two of my favourite colors from Pantone 2016 Fall Color report: spicy mustard and Shark Skin. But there are many more gorgeous tones for this season, and FTD has created a fantastic set of Pinterest boards and decor ideas, each featuring a color from the fall line up.

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Opulent Autumn

Opulent Autumn

One of the biggest trends this season in home decor is adding a bit of opulence to your look. Of course you could spend a fortune adding richness and a bit of glamour to your spaces, or you could take our tips and have a look at a few beautiful items. Using these as a guide, think about how add small touches of luxury and sumptuous texture to your home without breaking the bank.

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Decor: Friendsgiving

Friendsgiving is the Thanksgiving dinner that we hold each year for friends.  Up North here,  Thanksgiving was in early October (we have an earlier harvest than the US) and that meal was for family.  Friendsgiving dinner lets us celebrate the harvest season after all the hubbub of the traditional holiday has died down.  And,  of course,  it means setting another table. 20151017_153233 20151017_153257

I always feel the urge to go bigger and do more for the centrepiece,  and then I remember how each year we struggle to fit all the food on the table,  and I calm down and simplify.

Some small white pumpkins, beautiful cut glass candlesticks and some chestnuts - and as you can see,  the foliage in these parts is still not playing along with the idea of fall.  You work with what you have.  Happy Friendsgiving!

Decor: A Thanksgiving Table

It's Thanksgiving weekend up here in Canada and I'm hosting the family get together.  Next weekend we throw our annual Friendsgiving dinner  -  another turkey but this time with some of our closest friends.  It gives us an opportunity for a seasonal get together after the rush of family celebrations.  And the chance for me to cook more and make another centrepiece! For today's dinner,  I've got with a simple and light decor theme.  The fact that the trees in the yard haven't turned fiery red yet has  necessitated this. I tend to decorate with what's at hand locally,  so that means if the warm weather sticks  around,  I have to adjust.

A pretty harvest centrepiece with small white pumpkins and green foliage. A simple and understated decor choice.

Happy Thanksgiving to our Canadian readers  -  and check back next weekend for more seasonal decor ideas.

Setting an Autumn Table

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Now that there is a chill in the air (and my feet have turned into icy claws until next May - it's a genetic thing, but that doesn't make Steve any happier about being next to them in bed every night) our thoughts turn to autumnal decor.  Your fall table doesn't have to be an overwrought display of decorative gourds and glitter. It can be as understated as this table setting, with copper flatware (nice!) and the simplest of accents. IMG_1759-1075x605


Pinterest can sometimes convince us that if it's not elaborate, it's not worth it, but sometimes keeping things plain and simple leave the focus on good food and good company.

And a warm pair of slippers.  See more at Hello Mrs. Eve.