DIY: A Herringbone Headboard

A headboard is not an essential for your bed - some folks prefer the simple look without a headboard. However,they can be a simple way to add a bit of polish, or even some oomph, to your room's decor. If your current bed doesn't have a headboard, and you fancy doing something a bit unique, check out this DIY headboard from IHeart Organizing. DIY_Herringbone_Headboard_header



This is a great, clean looking headboard that gives you visual interest through the pattern, and allows you to choose the finish. Get creative and use different shades of stain or paint to draw out the pattern. A very versatile project. You need mid-range DIY skills to take on this project, and access to some tool and equipment. But if you are handy, or feel like it's time to learn a bit, check out their step by step instructions.