Black and Brass - Get the Look

Black and Brass - Get the Look

I'm really loving  black and brass these days. Why? I've been watching a lot of movies from the 70's and early 80's and marvelling at how fashions, or particular eras of fashion, at which I once turned up my nose, are now bountiful sources of inspiration. 

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Mixing styles

Just a few quick snaps from some recent work in a client's house. The bedroom is a great example of simple style that mixes a few elements for a lovely effect. Gold, white, and a pale grey-violet color mix to create a relaxing space. The simple Ikea nightstands work beautifully with  lush little table lamps. Bedroom style: Simple elements mix - gold, white, and a grey-violet .

Trixie, the on site help. She's also handy with my measuring tape.

Bedroom style: Simple elements mix - gold, white, and a grey-violet .

Bedroom style: Simple ikea night stand with a beautiful, small gold table lamp.

The room is a wonderful mix of styles, and really captures the idea that you don't have to spend a fortune to get a distinct look for your home.  I'm off to start setting up a client's condo - a lovely downtown space with some great artwork. Pictures from that to come soon!

Going Gold

One of the hottest trends this year continues to be warm metallics. While copper was big last year, we've now turned to the more classic look of gold and brass. This is good news, as a classic look tends to hold better over time than trends that burn hot for a short period. Metals are also a great way to add sophistication, or even glamor, to your rooms. From lamps to planters and accessories, we've got some simple ways that you can incorporate this look in to your decor without breaking the bank or having to re-do an entire space.

Going gold - warm metals like gold and brass are hot right now. We'll show you how to bring them in to your living room, dining room or bedroom without having to change a whole space.


Lighting is one of the most over looked areas when people are decorating, both in terms of budget and style. Taking a bit of time to find a few fixtures with real distinction can make a huge difference in the look of your space. Here we've got two examples that show a wonderful warm metal tone in two contrasting styles.I'd be happy to put both of these in the same space. Don't be overly worried that everything you have is from a matched set, or even represents the same style.  If you have decided on an overall look for your space that is a bit eclectic or mixed, lighting is a great way to show a bit of contrast.

Gold and white pendant lights


Gold table lamp



Quick and easy, dropping in a few gold or brass accessories around your room is a fast way to bring in some metals. Everything from trays, to candle holders, book ends, vases and small statues can help define the look of your space. And pineapples, you say? There a classic and I kind of love them.


gold candle


gold traysource

gold pineapple


Tables and Stands

Changing a major piece like a coffee table is a great way to bring new life into a space. But smaller pieces like plant stands are also an option if you don't want to commit to something big. I recently found some glass and brass nesting tables at a vintage shop and immediately threw them in my living room for a bit of shine and style. Quick, easy and I can move them around for different looks.

Brass and glass coffee table


gold and mirror panters



Everyone knows that mirrors are a great way to add a bit of light to your space, but they are also fantastic decor elements if chosen well. If your taste runs to the simple, go for a plain rectangle with a gilt frame. But if you are looking for a bit of a statement on your wall, think of something like the pentagonal mirror here. It serves the multi-purpose of adding light and creating a pointo f interest in the room.

gold pentagon mirror


Gold mirror


House Tour: A classic, chic space.

Check out this house tour featuring the very chic home of blogger Erika Brechtel. Dark colors mix with lush metals for a timeless but edgy look. Check out this house tour of a gorgeous home featuring a monochromatic palette with gold and brass accents.  It's chic and edgy all at once.

What to steal from this look? Experiment with  a monochromatic palette of greys, black and white, accented with gold and brass. the place setting is classic and simple in style, but the gold edge fills out the picture, bringing an element of luxury to the look, without drowning in detail.

Check out this house tour of a gorgeous home featuring a monochromatic palette with gold and brass accents.  It's chic and edgy all at once.

The feature wall showcases how to bring together different styles and colors of frames in a less structured shape.  Your picture wall doesn't need to be measured to the last millimetre, and have only uniform frames and images. Put together things that mean  something to you, or that appeal to you. Your picture wall should say something about you - don't get hung up on perfection.

Check out this house tour of a gorgeous home featuring a monochromatic palette with gold and brass accents.  It's chic and edgy all at once.

The living room  sticks to the same formula - a monochromatic palette with touches of brass and gold.  The look is sophisticated and always in style.  Check out the whole gallery here.

DIY: Gilded Vases

One quick way to dress up your decor, and to make it look a bit more grown up at the same time, is to add metallic touches. Whether you're going for mixed metals or sticking simply with warm metals, these DIY gilded vases will give your room a beautiful and unique touch. gold-gilded-vases-by-le-zoe-musings4 (1)

It's a simple process, and one that you could adjust easily to a different metallic, over even an opaque color. Check it out over at Le Zoe Musings. 

Inspiration Board: Golden Glamour

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]There's nothing quite as sexy as a glamorous bedroom with the shimmer of gold. The problem with this look can be, frankly, tipping over the edge from glamour into Alexis Carrington on Dynasty Circa 1984.  While I do love Alexis, a modern take on glamour with a little restraint is probably a better look for most of us. So how do you achieve glamour without going overboard? We've got the tips to help you achieve this.

Golden Glamour board
Golden Glamour board

These boards are one of the tools we use in our Interior Design Room Packages - affordable and they give you everything you need to make you next decorating project a success. Learn more here.