The Dressing Room

Here's a peek at a dressing room recently completed for a client. The space was formerly a small nursery, with dark blue walls that made the space feel crowded and the light stark. We designed a simple organizing system that allowed them to retain space for ironing and dressing.

C&P dressing room with notes

The walls were lightened to a pale grey, gauzy drapes and a glamorous light fixture were added, and it was ready to go - but yes there is a cellular shade as well for privacy!

A small but beautiful dressing room that allows natural light and space for ironing and dressing with a full length mirror as well. Small spaces are great!

Using the corner is always an issue in a closet, as clothes closest to the wall often end up half hidden behind a cupboard wall. Keeping the walls of the unit shallow and allowing a bit of separating between the two hanging spaces means the clothes in the corner are still easily accessible.

A small but beautiful dressing room that allows natural light and space for ironing and dressing with a full length mirror as well. Small spaces are great!

A small but beautiful dressing room that allows natural light and space for ironing and dressing with a full length mirror as well. Small spaces are great!

The beautiful, extra large mirror with gorgeous bevelled edges serves two functions: its obvious reflective function for dressing and maximizing light in the small space.


While we don't all have the space to create a luxe dressing room with centre cabinets and walls of shoe racks, it is possible to take a small space like this and make it very functional. Who needs another guest room when you can have a spot that you will use daily and makes your life a bit easier?

Interior Design - Peacock Pavillions

Peacock Pavilions is a beautiful boutique hotel on the outskirts of Marrakesh, Morocco. Created by designer Maryam Montague, it's a stylish oasis where guests are welcomed to one-of-a-kind spaces. We've got a peek at the Medina Pavilion, courtesy of Maryam's blog. download (1)



Not only has she created a beautiful space for travellers, Maryam also has a shop, and both it and the hotel donate 10% of their proceeds to charity. So travel, soak up a bit of Moroccan culture as well as gorgeous interior design, and feel pretty good about it at the same time. you can ogle the spaces, check out the shop and even book at stay here.

Adding texture to a room.

We've all been there. You finish decorating your living room but it still seems...flat. If your room has a case of meh, the culprit may often be texture, or rather, a lack of texture. Luckily, this is not a hard interior design problem to fix, and crucially, it's an element that when done right, often leads you very correctly down the path to making your space really speak about you. I've said it don't live in a hotel so why would you want your home to look like one?

Let's take a look at three examples of texture really completing the decor of a room, and adding personality at the same time.

In this first example, we have a wonderful textured rug, some metals with different sheen, velvet and even the ceramic lamp is doing its job. And let's not overlook the little cactus, doing his prickly best.





The room below has many of the elements of the above room, but they've used textiles and wood directly on the wall as decor. A great idea! They've also got a gorgeous brass lamp that I want to rub, and some impressive greenery peeking in from the side.





This room really went for it. Even the chandelier chain has texture. They've used faux greenery around the space, textured decor like baskets, and a rug you can practically feel under your feet by just looking at the picture.



Each of these rooms may not be to your taste (they are not all to my taste!) but that's beside the point. They are each using a mix of rugs, cushions, textiles, metals and decor items to bring texture in to the space, while at the same time, giving each space the distinct feel of its creator. So next time you're looking at your room and thinking "wow, blah..." don't despair. Here's a quick list to ensure the interior design of your room is using texture for the best results:

  • Varied textiles - velvets, wools, knits, satins. Think of the effect you want (comfy? sexy? comfexy?) and incorporate into throws, cushions, drapery etc.
  • Rugs - if yours seems boring, replace it, or better yet, layer it with another rug of a contrasting color/texture.
  • Greenery - real or faux, though if you opt for fake, buy the best you can afford.
  • Metals - think past shiny chrome into brass, copper and pewter. Try different shapes, surfaces and sheen.
  • Skins and furs - faux furs and skins are perfectly acceptable. And for the hamburger eaters among us, cow skins and sheepskins are also widely available.

Now get out there and start purposefully fondling soft, cushy, rough or shiny items at your local vintage or decor shops. Just don't tell them I sent you.

Black & White

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]When presented with the idea of a black and white color scheme, many people balk, thinking it will be too drab or dark. Here's a great example of how you can use black, white and grey together for a room that is still bright, modern and comfortable looking. Galleri-Laura-9-800x571 Galleri-Laura-5-642x900T

One of the benefits of a scheme like this is that you can add pops of color throughout the space, and these can be changed out as the mood suits you, without great expense.

To see more about this space, and the great piece of art on the wall, visit galleri laura (scroll down for the English).

And if you want to see how black and white can make some of the most beautiful spaces you can imagine, pick up a copy of Celerie Kemble's Black, White and a Bit In-between. It's a coffee table book that you will quickly dog-ear and your friends will want to borrow.