Pendant Lights

Chandeliers are a wonderful way to light up a room, but I have to admit that my heart really skips a beat for  beautiful pendant lights - or even a set of them! Pendants are very much on trend for 2016, but frankly, I think it's hard to go wrong with them any time. To celebrate these lovely lighting systems, here are a few of our favourite statement pendants.

In terms of plastics, the FL/Y pendant is one of my favourites. It comes in a range of colors and is big enough to stand on its own, or make an eye catching display. Clustering pendants, or arranging them in a row, gives you an alternative to a traditional chandelier, while still offering  as much or as little light as you require.

Beautiful statement pendant lights are on trend for 2016 - but also have a classic appeal.

Tom Dixon's Melt/Copper is a stunning line of glass pendants that have the look of melting, hot blown glass.


Beautiful statement pendant lights are on trend for 2016 - but also have a classic appeal.

Zenza sports a whole line of nickel plated brass pendants in a variety of shapes and sizes. The punched metal gives an amazing effect when lit.

Beautiful statement pendant lights are on trend for 2016 - but also have a classic appeal.

Industrial style pendants come in a wide range of styles, colors and shapes. You can get replicas of these at most hardware stores, or you can go vintage hunting as we did. Steve and I picked up three vintage white industrial lights at an antiques market in Italy last spring. There was no shortage of sellers there with a drool-worthy supply of amazing lighting, from the very old to the recently old. It's always worth digging around a bit to see if you can find something locally to you as well - though they may require a touch up or a bit of rewiring.  I love this mint shade from Barn Light Electric. 


I know we tend to think of glass and metal when considering lighting, but concrete can be beautiful too, as these modern and pretty Finn pendants from Milk and Sugar show.

Beautiful statement pendant lights are on trend for 2016 - but also have a classic appeal.

And finally, let's not forget the possibility of ceramic pendant lights. These fantastic ceramic shades are made in England by Lyngard Ceramics.



Going Gold

One of the hottest trends this year continues to be warm metallics. While copper was big last year, we've now turned to the more classic look of gold and brass. This is good news, as a classic look tends to hold better over time than trends that burn hot for a short period. Metals are also a great way to add sophistication, or even glamor, to your rooms. From lamps to planters and accessories, we've got some simple ways that you can incorporate this look in to your decor without breaking the bank or having to re-do an entire space.

Going gold - warm metals like gold and brass are hot right now. We'll show you how to bring them in to your living room, dining room or bedroom without having to change a whole space.


Lighting is one of the most over looked areas when people are decorating, both in terms of budget and style. Taking a bit of time to find a few fixtures with real distinction can make a huge difference in the look of your space. Here we've got two examples that show a wonderful warm metal tone in two contrasting styles.I'd be happy to put both of these in the same space. Don't be overly worried that everything you have is from a matched set, or even represents the same style.  If you have decided on an overall look for your space that is a bit eclectic or mixed, lighting is a great way to show a bit of contrast.

Gold and white pendant lights


Gold table lamp



Quick and easy, dropping in a few gold or brass accessories around your room is a fast way to bring in some metals. Everything from trays, to candle holders, book ends, vases and small statues can help define the look of your space. And pineapples, you say? There a classic and I kind of love them.


gold candle


gold traysource

gold pineapple


Tables and Stands

Changing a major piece like a coffee table is a great way to bring new life into a space. But smaller pieces like plant stands are also an option if you don't want to commit to something big. I recently found some glass and brass nesting tables at a vintage shop and immediately threw them in my living room for a bit of shine and style. Quick, easy and I can move them around for different looks.

Brass and glass coffee table


gold and mirror panters



Everyone knows that mirrors are a great way to add a bit of light to your space, but they are also fantastic decor elements if chosen well. If your taste runs to the simple, go for a plain rectangle with a gilt frame. But if you are looking for a bit of a statement on your wall, think of something like the pentagonal mirror here. It serves the multi-purpose of adding light and creating a pointo f interest in the room.

gold pentagon mirror


Gold mirror


Adding texture to a room.

We've all been there. You finish decorating your living room but it still seems...flat. If your room has a case of meh, the culprit may often be texture, or rather, a lack of texture. Luckily, this is not a hard interior design problem to fix, and crucially, it's an element that when done right, often leads you very correctly down the path to making your space really speak about you. I've said it don't live in a hotel so why would you want your home to look like one?

Let's take a look at three examples of texture really completing the decor of a room, and adding personality at the same time.

In this first example, we have a wonderful textured rug, some metals with different sheen, velvet and even the ceramic lamp is doing its job. And let's not overlook the little cactus, doing his prickly best.





The room below has many of the elements of the above room, but they've used textiles and wood directly on the wall as decor. A great idea! They've also got a gorgeous brass lamp that I want to rub, and some impressive greenery peeking in from the side.





This room really went for it. Even the chandelier chain has texture. They've used faux greenery around the space, textured decor like baskets, and a rug you can practically feel under your feet by just looking at the picture.



Each of these rooms may not be to your taste (they are not all to my taste!) but that's beside the point. They are each using a mix of rugs, cushions, textiles, metals and decor items to bring texture in to the space, while at the same time, giving each space the distinct feel of its creator. So next time you're looking at your room and thinking "wow, blah..." don't despair. Here's a quick list to ensure the interior design of your room is using texture for the best results:

  • Varied textiles - velvets, wools, knits, satins. Think of the effect you want (comfy? sexy? comfexy?) and incorporate into throws, cushions, drapery etc.
  • Rugs - if yours seems boring, replace it, or better yet, layer it with another rug of a contrasting color/texture.
  • Greenery - real or faux, though if you opt for fake, buy the best you can afford.
  • Metals - think past shiny chrome into brass, copper and pewter. Try different shapes, surfaces and sheen.
  • Skins and furs - faux furs and skins are perfectly acceptable. And for the hamburger eaters among us, cow skins and sheepskins are also widely available.

Now get out there and start purposefully fondling soft, cushy, rough or shiny items at your local vintage or decor shops. Just don't tell them I sent you.