Prints and patterns - mixing it up in the bedroom.

Calm down, you saucy minxes - we might be talking about a party in your bedroom, but it's less "chips, dips, chains, whips" (yes, I love Weird Science) and more a fiesta of color and pattern.  But mixing patterns and prints is something that, like the aforementioned chains and whips, many people shy away from. There are so many rules and so much advice about this, that it's easy to get a bit overwhelmed. Today we're going to give you one simple guideline to follow that will have you mixing prints, and patterns like a pro. Stick to your color palette. 

It's really that simple - stay within your chosen palette and you can pretty much mix patterns and prints to your heart's content. Some people who are conservative by nature will then choose to mix just a few, and some people will throw caution to the wind and go nuts. There's no judgement here, kids. Do your thing, your way. Let's look at a few examples of some pattern and print mixing, from the monochromatic to the bold and beautiful.

First up is a gorgeous pink and navy bedroom Note that every shade of pink in the room isn't identical. Feel free to use the tones of the colors you have chosen. For example, if you have a pale pink, darker and lighter tones of this color will also work.

mixing patterns and prints - get our one big tip to mix it like a pro.


Next up is a monochromatic bedroom in black, grey and white. If this is your sort of thing, it's a great way to easily tackle mixing your patterns and prints, as a grey/black/white palette often feels simpler to work with.


This fantastic pink and gold bedroom shows how to wonderfully use the tones of a few colors and then mix your patterns up everywhere, including on the walls.


And finally, a more bold choice in this blue and green bedroom. Here floral prints mix easily with geometric patterns, all staying within a lovely and fresh palette.


Now, of course, all of this presumes that you have chosen a palette - another sometimes challenging proposition. We're going to cover the basics of this in a future post (coming soon!) but you can always do a little research yourself, and feel free to contact us. We have a range of virtual and in-home color consultations. Our packages are just that - more than a few colos, you get two color palettes you can choose from, along with their paint numbers, a guide to applying your color scheme in your home, tips on understanding the basics of paint (such as what sheen to use where) and a guide to hiring painters. All in a simple PDF that you can keep on your phone or tablet for quick reference. And from now until June 30th, get 20% any color consultation  - just use the coupon code color20 at checkout!

Now, get out there with your colors and mix those patterns and prints like the confident home decor enthusiast that you are!