Cheryl spent a lot of time with us discussing our design preferences, colors, needs for the room etc. She knew all the right questions to ask so it was extremely easy for me to express what I wanted for the space. Cheryl came up with a design plan and color scheme for us so quickly and with such ease - and it was perfect! Her plan included all the specific items to buy and a clear floor plan, which I really needed. She was also very prompt and patient in answering any questions I had.

Cheryl far exceeded any expectations I had and I highly recommend her to anyone looking to have any decorating done. I still can’t believe it’s my house when I walk in the door!
— R Watts

Cheryl exceeded my expectations. In the end it felt like the final deliverable was what I imagined on Day 1, which was based on a “vibe”. Through a focused process Cheryl translated this “vibe” to a final living space which I now proudly call home.

Cheryl is professional, attentive in listening and responding to my concerns, provides honest feedback throughout, considerate of the budget, and showed a great deal of pride from start to finish. I could not be more thrilled with the end deliverable. Cheryl has been a pleasure to work with and would recommend her for any part of the interior design process.
— P. Pettigrew

My husband and I had a vision for finishing off our basement. We were adding a bathroom and storage rooms to an existing already finished family room area and exercise room. We approached Cheryl of SeeSea Interiors to help us transition the family room area into the new hall and bathroom. We were struggling with selecting flooring to transition to the new area as well we wanted a color scheme for the new bathroom and to update the color scheme for the existing area. We also had a vision for the family room and wanted to add  cabinetry, a stone wall, a wall mounted fireplace and a new TV. We met with Cheryl and she was able to pull all our ideas together with her awesome recommendations.

She provided us with a color scheme for the whole space and recommended cabinet design, lighting, flooring, tile, and colors that were within our budget and complimented our existing furnishings. All were locally sourced! This was money well spent and we could not be more happy with the service Cheryl provided!

My husband is a carpenter and has his own Renovation Contracting Company and often says clients often struggle in making decisions on colours and products . He tells clients hiring an Interior Designer is money very well spent when you are spending a lot on renovations. We highly recommend Cheryl she is very personable and will work closely with you to help you work through all the decisions and pull together a design you will be very happy with!
— C. Keoughan

After searching through several interior design options, I felt drawn to SeeSea Interiors, despite some questions around how an online consultation process would actually work for me.

The whole process from start to finish was very quick, easy, and the steps clearly laid out by Cheryl. The time she took to get a sense of my needs, tastes, objectives for the space etc. was impressive. I felt like she was working as my partner in creating a space in my image! I appreciated the feedback she sought throughout the process to ensure we were really moving in the right direction.

I am really happy with the design package Cheryl put together so thoughtfully for me, and like the way she packages the final product (3D layouts, colour palette, buyer’s guide, idea boards, etc.). All made super easy to bring to life, and great value for the money!
— C. Lee

Working with SeeSea Interiors was an exciting and rewarding experience. Cheryl guided us through the discovery process with ease and patience - helping us to create a vision for our home and bring it to reality. She identified our personal design preferences and colour schemes and worked with us to source and acquire furniture and decor. It was worth every penny as she turned what seemed like an overwhelming process into a fun and enjoyable journey!
— B Chambers

Before hiring Cheryl, I had concerns about a decorator bloating a simple consult into a huge creative billing invoice. Cheryl told me exactly what the charge would be and there would be no surprises. I knew the cost upfront. She did not disappoint.
Cheryl is reliable and prompt and was easy and fun to work with . She has a keen eye and was able to organize the artwork in my home and make appropriate layout arrangements to show them off to their best advantage. We actually put these arrangements on the walls! The shape of my condo is unique and very challenging for anyone but she was able to handle it. The room is transformed! . The cost was very reasonable and I felt I got good value for her work and expertise.
I would highly recommend Cheryl to anyone who needs decorating services.
— J. Boudreau

Working with Cheryl was a pleasure. Perhaps her greatest strength is that she’s an excellent listener. She takes time getting to know your personal style and preferences, and while making suggestions that align with those she’ll also offer options to refresh and update your home’s look in interesting ways you may not have previously considered. Her consultation process is both systematic and thorough. Her suggestions are alternatively conservative and bolder, providing just enough choices that you will feel inspired but not overwhelmed. Her friendly and professional personality brought a lot of fun to the process, too.
— A. Delory

It was an amazing and extremely enjoyable process. Cheryl was able to identify our individual wants and needs, and blend them together to make something beautiful that my partner and I both love. We were involved in every step of the creative process and we now have a home that we’re proud of and love to show off to our friends. The price was very reasonable, the results were beyond our expectations and I would recommend working with Cheryl in a heart beat without reservation!
— S. Peach